The lifeline across Mahakali

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The Dodhara-Chandani suspension bridge connects the two Nepalese VDCs, Dodhara and Chandani of Kanchanpur district across the Mahakali River, which otherwise serves as a natural frontier between Nepal and India, with the rest of the country. Recently these two VDCs … Continued

Silhouette Photography

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      Wat Arun, Thailand Silhouette is the type of Photography where an outline of a subject appears dark against a lighter background. We can say that when the subject is seen as a black shape without any details against a … Continued

A Child Sadhu

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On the day of Mahashivaratri, one of the holiest day for Hindus, I was strolling around Ram Mandir looking for photo-opportunities to capture the activities of a Sadhu (the ascets). As my eyes were wandering around among the mass of … Continued

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