A Child Sadhu

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On the day of Mahashivaratri, one of the holiest day for Hindus, I was strolling around Ram Mandir looking for photo-opportunities to capture the activities of a Sadhu (the ascets). As my eyes were wandering around among the mass of Sadhus in search of an interesting subject, they stopped at the sight of this young Sadhu. I approached him as I was curious to know about him. He told me that his father imposed him with the Sadhu tag on his six years old shoulders. Moreover, his father had declared him a Brahmachari, which means that he will remain in celibacy all his life. I felt as if this little boy didn’t know the proper meaning of Sadhu but his innocence impressed me a lot.







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  1. nice story you have covered, the snaps tells teh innocent’s story

  2. Ajay Rana Bhat

    thank you sangesh ji πŸ™‚

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