PhotoTalk is a free photo sharing and discussion event, that is held once every month, for the participants of our PhotoWalks. The aim of the PhotoTalk is to provide regular members of PhotoWalk Nepal with a platform to discuss different aspects of photography and learn from each other.

Unlike our PhotoWalks, this is not a public event, so people who have not been on a photowalk are normally not eligible to attend the event, however, if you have a friend who comes on our photowalks regularly you can ask your friend to invite you.

Who can attend

  • Guests invited by PhotoWalk Nepal
  • People who are invited by any regular photowalk participant.


From October 2016 onward our PhotoTalk event will be announced here on the website just like our PhotoWalks and it will include a link to registration form.

Please note that although it is a free event, registration in advance will be required for all participants from this month onward.