If you are a photographer looking for a well equipped, spacious and quality photography studio contact us today!

PhotoWalk Nepal Studio offers affordable, well-equipped and unique studio space for photography. Rental rates for our space (18ft x 24ft) start from Rs. 2,500/- per hour.
Please scroll down for a list of lighting equipment, modifiers and accessories available.

  • 400 watt Elinchrom FRX strobes – 2
  • 400 watt Elinchrom D-lite strobes – 2
  • 150cm Octa softbox – 1
  • 150cm Striplight softbox – 1
  • 60cm Softbox – 2
  • 60cm Beauty-dish with honeycomb and diffuser
  • Translucent white umbrella – 2
  • 100cm Light tent – 1
  • Barndoor, honeycomb, color gel set – 2
  • Snoot – 1
  • Backdrops: Black, White, Maroon and Chroma Green
  • 5 in 1 reflectors – 3 (180cm elliptical, 60cm round and 50cm elliptical)
  • Boom stand – 1
  • Light stands, backdrop stands
  • Three step aluminum step ladder -1

  • Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Tethering cable (USB 3, 6 meters)
  • Laptop (Sony VAIO ‘F’ 16.3″)
Additional equipments must be booked at least 3 days before the shoot. Send us a message for details.
  • Free WiFi
  • Drinking water
  • Washrooms

Outdoor or Location photography, whether  professionally done or with a personal camera, has a more spontaneous, natural appearance and experience that is appropriate for certain type of photographs. However, a photo studio offers you certain amenities that you just can’t get outdoors. A well equipped and spacious studio offers many benefits and advantages for the photographers. Here are some of the major benefits:

Fully controlled setting

When shooting in studio you have full control of the setting and you need not stress about the weather. A studio is completely under your control which is not possible on location. Right from angles, lights and textures all are under control. Special features of the subject can be enhanced through control and direction of lighting. In a studio you can create the exact effect that you want in your shoot.


Renting a studio offers you a comfortable location where your mind can stay focused on producing quality work without any outside distractions. All members of the crew can stay comfortable the entire day.

Professional Look

When you want a classic professional look in your shoot, a studio is unbeatable. All of the elements can be managed to create that undeniable polished, professional look that will impress all who see it. 

Fewer Distractions

While in the studio, the subjects are at ease while shooting. A comfortable ambience is created for shooting the right pictures. Natural and genuine expressions can fade in a distracting environment. 

Experienced Help

Studio may appear as an intimidating environment, if you haven’t had any experience. However, the studio owners are very skilled photographers and willing to help. If you need it, they are there to answer questions and provide some advice. 

Renting a studio space can be just as much a learning experience as it is a space to create. Studio owners have a wealth of knowledge. They have seen just about everything. Photographers from all genres and experience levels bring with them bits and pieces of knowledge that the studio owner absorbs and learns over time through observing and having conversations. 

They pick up on various lighting techniques, tips and tricks of the trade, and even savvy business advice. Setting off to a studio can be your opportunity to hit up a conversation with the owner or the staff and pick their brains for some of this information.

Most owners and staff are also on hand to help with using equipment. It can be a great way to receive a quick crash course about how to properly and effectively use various lights and modifiers. Shooting in a studio can be a great way to bounce around ideas with other creatives and get inspired for projects.

If you want more information please Contact us through the Contact page or email us at photowalknepal@gmail.com

Please read our Studio Rules and Rental Agreement