Adding new feature to the site

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Apart from announcing photowalks and sharing photos taken during our photowalks we have decided to add a ‘Photo Stories‘ section to this website. People who have attended our photowalks will be able to post photo stories on topic of their choice. Members interested in posting their photo stories will have to contact the site admin.

Here are a few guidelines for posting photos to the photo stories section:

  1. The stories should have a positive feel about them like beauty or happiness. No death, garbage or negative aspects of life; we already have too many news sites for these.
  2. A photo story should have a minimum of five and a maximum of twenty photographs.
  3. Photos in the posts should be at least 750pixels on the longer side and if the author decides to put a watermark on the photos it should be slightly transparent and positioned away from the main subject.
  4. A maximum of two photo stories each week will be published for now; after being reviewed by site admins.

We are open to suggestions on this, please leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments below.

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