• What is a Photo Walk?
    A group of photo enthusiasts walking about taking pictures of whatever they find interesting is a photo walk. And discussing about different photographic tips and techniques.
  • How do I join a walk?
    You just show up at the PhotoWalk destination on time mentioned in the announcement.
  • Where do I register myself for the walks?
    You don’t have to register in advance to join our photowalks.
  • Are there any fees?
  • What kind of photographic knowledge/experience do I need to have to join?
    You can be a newbie who wants to learn photography, a professional who wants to share photographic knowledge or someone who is interested to hang out with a bunch of photo enthusiasts; we welcome everyone.
  • What kind of photographic equipment do I need to have?
    Absolutely anything is fine. A digital SLR, a compact camera or even a phone camera is good.
  • How often do the photowalks take place?
    From July 2017 we are having our photowalks on a Saturday towards the mid of month and our phototalk on the last Saturday of the month.
  • Where do the photowalks take place?
    Our photowalks are held in and around Kathmandu valley most of the time. Sometimes we have a full day trip when we go a little further than usual. Twice a year we have trips outside Kathmandu valley, these trips usually last from two to four days.
  • When are the photowalks announced?
    The time, destination and sometimes the themes of photo walks are announced a week before the event in the Announcement section of this site.
  • Who arranges the transportation and other logistics for the photowalks?
    Unless its an out of Kathmandu trip, nobody does. The participants have to take care of everything themselves. For trips outside the valley we do take care of everything and the details are mentioned in the announcement.

If you want to know more please use the Contact page to send us your queries.

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