What is a Photowalk?
It is a free and public knowledge sharing platform for photography enthusiasts.

What are the requirements for joining Photowalk as a new member?
The most important requirement is that you should be interested in photography. Wanting to learn and/or sharing photographic knowledge is definitely a plus point.

What is the membership fee?
Currently there is no fee, it is completely free for all participants.

What kind of photographic knowledge/experience do I need to have to join PhotoWalk?
You can be a newbie who wants to learn photography or a professional who wants to share photographic knowledge.

What kind of photographic equipment do I need to have to join PhotoWalk?
Absolutely anything is fine. A digital SLR, a compact camera or even a phone camera is good. You will, however, need a DSLR with good quality lens if you want to get photographic projects as assignments.

How often do the photowalks take place?
Our PhotoWalks take place on every alternate Saturdays, that is once every fortnight.

Where do the photowalks take place?
Our photowalks are held in and around Kathmandu valley most of the time. Sometimes we have a full day trip when we go a little further than usual. Twice a year we have trips outside Kathmandu valley, these trips usually last from two to four days.

Who arranges the transportation, food and other logistics for the photowalks?
Unless its an out of Kathmandu trip, nobody does. The participants have to take care of everything themselves. For trips outside Kathmandu valley or some special full day events, we do manage everything and the details are mentioned in the announcement.

When are the photowalks announced?
The photowalks are announced 2-3 days before the event; in the announcement section of this website and on our Facebook page.
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