Photo Walk 14-Dec-2013 (photos)

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The photo-walk last Saturday was an excellent one. Not only did we get to shoot some stunning pictures but also got the chance to meet some bird experts and some mammal experts too. The walk along the side was a little too much to bear because of the horrible smell but once we started walking uphill towards the lake it was fine. We got to see lots of different species of birds although not all of them could be photographed because it took a while for the mist in the atmosphere to clear.

Here are some selected photos from the Chobhar-Taudah photo walk on 14th December along with links to my facebook albums of the trip.

Little Cormorant in Flight
Little Cormorant in Flight


A Long-tailed Shrike on a branch and some Cormorants in the lake


A Little Egret about to land (L) and a Pond Heron in flight (R)


A Jungle Mynah (L) and a Red-vented Bulbul (R)


Temple and people
Jalvinayak Temple (L), Woman getting water from well (C), Woman working in fields (R)


photo walk group
Some photos of our photo walk members


View my facebook albums from the trip at: and

Friends who participated in the photo walk please leave a link to your album in the comments.

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