PhotoTalk on Studio Lights and Light Modifiers

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From this month we decided to make our PhotoTalks a public event. Which means that, just like our photowalks, anyone can join our PhotoTalk discussion sessions. The turn out was very good, all the photo enthusiasts and professionals who participated were happy with the session. Looks like we need a more spacious venue for our monthly PhotoTalk sessions.

PhotoTalk 2017-06-10
Glimpses of our PhotTalk on Studio Lights and Light Modifiers

This month our PhotoTalk was on studio lights and light modifiers. Here are some photographs taken during demonstration.

Left: Single diffused light source from the left; Right: Diffused light source from left, reflector on the right
diffused vs harsh light
Left: single soft diffused light; Right: single non-diffused harsh light
Accent lights
Left: Single diffused light on left, reflector on right; Right: Accent light from top and colored light from right added to the same setup.

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