PhotoWalk 2-Feb-2019 (Theme: Post-production)

This Saturday our photowalk is going to be a trip to Hanumandhoka durbar square. We will be photographing people, daily life and monuments. We start at 7:30am and stay there until 9:30am.

The theme this week is ‘Post Production’: we take pictures with the final image in mind.
Although the camera cannot capture the dynamic range as we see with our eyes, a lot of it can be recovered in post production.
During this photowalk we will learn how to see a scene with post production in mind. We will have a short orientation, with examples, on ‘how to look at a scene and plan your shot with post production in mind‘; at the start of the photowalk. Please be on time if you don’t want to miss the discussion.

Lets meet in front of the Kalbhairab temple at 7:30am Location Map

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