PhotoWalk 25-Feb-2017 (announcement)

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This Saturday we are going to the Pashupatinath temple area for our photowalk. Since it is the day after the festival of Shivaratri, the focus of the trip will be on the Sadhus.

From this week onward we will be having a theme for our photowalks, this is going to be an option but its going to be a big help in getting your creative juices flowing if you choose to shoot at least a few shots within the announced theme. You may chose to shoot photos ONLY on the theme or you can chose to take a few photos on the theme and then shoot whatever you like. Or you may chose to ignore the theme altogether.

This time our theme is going to be ‘Location Portrait of Sadhus‘: this means that you take portraits of sadhus that have enough background elements to give a feel of the festive environment without taking away attention from your main subject.

The photowalk is going to be from 7:30am to 9:30am but participants may arrive earlier and stay up later. We meet at the ‘Ram Mandir’ temple on the East bank of Bagmati river at 7:30am [Location map]

Sadhu during Shivaratri

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