Photography Workshop – Level 1

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PhotoWalk Nepal is organizing a Photography Workshop (Level 1) for beginners and amateur photography enthusiasts. This is a 5-day workshop which will be instructed by wildlife photographer, Mr. Om Yadav.

Date: 15th to 18th August, 2018
Duration: 3 days + 1 day outdoor practical session
Time: 5pm to 7 pm (15th to 17th August)
Practical session: 7am to 10am (18th August, Saturday)
Venue: PhotoWalk Nepal Studio, Nanicha House, Kupondole, Lalitpur
Instructor: Om Yadav
Course Fee: NPR 5,000/-
Number of participants: 10 (Limited seats)
Age: 14 years and above

Course Outline

Please fill up the Registration Form to enroll.

Course Outline:

1) Eye of the Photographer

Camera vs Photographer
Knowing what to look for
Basic guidelines for making a good picture
Selecting a Subject
Focusing Attention on a Subject
Methods of simplification
Seeing the world around you

2) Cameras

Some camera history
Camera parts
Focusing and exposure controls
Types of cameras
Camera brands (creating a system)
Your camera manual
Common DSLR features

3) Lenses

Lens basics
Prime vs zoom lenses
Fast and slow speed lense
f number and aperture
Focal length and field of view
Normal, wide-angle and tele lenses
FoV and conversion factors
Image stabilization
Lens defects (distortions, aberrations)

4) How to Use Your Camera

Being creative and professional
Autofocus (modes, focus lock)
Fixed focus and distance scale
Manual focus: when and why?
Depth of Field (hyper-focal distance)
Choosing the right shutter-speed and aperture combination
How to make sharper pictures
Preventing camera shake
Camera care

5) Developing Your Visual Signature

Equipment as Tools
Making versus Taking
Hardwiring Your Vision and Your Equipment
Turning Off the Automatic
Visual Signature
Defining Your Visual Signature
Embracing What You Like to Photograph
Describing Your Visual Signature

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  1. Bharat Budhathoki

    I am also interested to participate in this workshop. What is the basic requirement to participate in this workshop?

  2. sonam lama

    What abt cameras and lenses?? do you provide or we shall bring our own?

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