PhotoWalk 16-Jan-2021: Announcement

From 15th January onwards, we are collaborating with Nikon Nepal for all our photowalks. This means that Nikon will be providing some special offers and/or opportunities for the participants. The details of these offers and/or opportunities will be given in the photowalk announcement itself.

This Saturday (16-Jan-2021) the participants will have the opportunity to experience the Nikon Z50 with Nikon 16-50mm Z DX lens, and the FTZ adapter in action. In addition to this, for current Nikon users, we will be announcing the opportunity Nikon Nepal is providing to showcase their works.

This Saturday (16-Jan-2021), our photowalk is going to take place at Shankhamul. We meet in front of ‘River side cafe’ at the Patan end of the Shankhamul bridge at 8:30am please be there at least 5 minutes before the starting time if you don’t want to miss anything. [Location map]

You can call us on 98 61 61 1 61 0 if you have any difficulty finding the place.
The photowalk will conclude at 9:30am, after which we move on to the discussion session. The discussion session will be held at a different venue, which will be announced during the photowalk.
The discussion session will conclude by 10:30am

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