PhotoWalk August-2017 (Theme: Colors)

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This month our PhotoWalk is going to be at Ichangu Narayan on August 12th. Ichangu Narayan temple is located in Ichangu; about two kilometers west of Swayambhu. The village is famous for its commercial flower farms and the surrounding forests have lots of colorful birds so the theme of the month is going to be ‘Colors‘.

Participants are encouraged to take pictures on the theme along with other photos of their choice. Selected photographs on this theme, submitted by participants, will be published in the next issue of VIVID.

We meet at Ichangu Narayan Temple at 7:00am. We will have a brief orientation on the theme and photography techniques; after which the photowalk will start.

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  1. Animesh bhattarai

    Is it free? Can I participate? What should i bring at the location?

  2. Sharan karki

    Any contact person for that day to coordinate.

    • Om Yadav

      We don’t have specific contact persons for any of our PhotoWalks. If you would like to join please be at the meeting point at the specified time. You can use our contact form in case you want more details.

    • Om Yadav

      You can call us on 9861611610 during the photowalk if you have any difficulty getting there.

  3. sharan karki

    Thank you I will be there in time 🙂

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