Taking the picture of galaxy and sky at Annapurna base camp

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The Milky Way galaxy from Annapurna Base Camp

I had never taken photographs of sky at night before going to ABC (Annapurna Base Camp). After looking at some pictures of night sky by Anton Jankovoy, I had some visions of galaxy and stars that I would like to capture from the base camp. Before going to ABC I did some research on night photography on the web but I had no idea on how to locate the milky way galaxy and what time it could be seen. The whole story about how I capture the galaxy is in my blog “A long awaited journey to ABC finally accomplished”

The one particular shot I wish I could have taken during this trip was of star trails behind the Annapurna range. I should have spent some time studying the camera manual to learn how to take time interval shots, before going on that trip; it was a mistake on my part that I still regret.

A couple of important lessons that I learned from this trip are:

  1. To capture the galaxy we need a fast and wide lens at; least 14 mm on a full-frame and
  2. Vertical orientation of camera has a more dramatic look than landscape orientation when it comes to photos of the galaxy .

Here I would like to share some of the night sky shots from the ABC.

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  1. Sunny Thapa

    Sangesh i never saw or knew that u had also captured the galaxy’s…these are amazing pictures to start with as u said it was your first time… though this is something that i wanted to try for a long time but never got a chance go out of this polluted cities..
    i have been following Dave Morrow for sometime for this and he has got amazing calculations.. watch out for his rule of 500.
    here is the link to a complete guide on how to shot the galaxy, hope this helps


    • sangesh

      yeah now i have some idea , need some mobile apps. fast lens with ultra wide and shutter release and stop watch 🙂 any way thanks for sharing the link, i will go through it. it was taken in 2013 april

  2. Galab Sharna

    I was like the galaxy shots could be taken only from western countries as i had never seen them from Nepalese photographers until i saw yours. Photos are fabulous. I have just started photography and i would like to say that your shots were good enough to inspire me.
    Thanks for the post.

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