My Passion towards Long Exposure

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Memorial Bridge, Bangkok f/20, 10 sec, iso-64

I developed a passion towards Long Exposure, ever since I saw the picture of car back light trails and fireworks, I always wondered how is was possible to capture such pictures? After getting my first DSLR I started trying all kinds of setting in manual mode of the camera. Some tips from website like was great help for me.

For long exposure shots, I always use the manual mode trying to keep the ISO as low as possible. If there are glowing lights, to get the star effect on these lights I try to keep f-stop value above 14 and shutter speed depends on the shot. I have shared some of my long exposure shots here with exposure details.

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Bhaktapur Durbar Square f/11, 8 sec, iso-64

Bouddha Stupa f/9, 25 sec, iso-100

Above photo “Bouddha Stupa” was selected for “100 Wonders of the World”, It is being displayed at a photo exhibition organized by Art Center at Saint Petersburg Russia

Rani Pokhari f/13, 30 sec, iso-50

Everest Hotel f/11, 30 sec, iso-64

Kho Samet fire dance f/20, 3 sec, iso-320

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  1. Sunny Thapa

    Long exposure is like entering to a different world…

  2. Samir Pradhananga

    Very nice shots…. Sangesh. For me, I will take the night shots as fast as possible (to reduce the noise) & permanently off the Noise Reduction during the night shots.:)

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