Uncommon View of Common Objects

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After being allured by photography, I always liked to capture Landscapes and Portraits. With time and experience I also started Macro photography. In the early days I used to do macro photography by using close-up filters and used to be satisfied with the results. However, looking at the quality of images that I got by using accessories to shoot Macros, I always yearned for an actual macro lens so that I could shoot better quality Macro photos. Eventually I got a 90mm f/2.8 Macro lens that drove me in to serious Macro photography.

In my quest for getting good macro photos I went to the botanical garden of Godavari and some nurseries to take photos of butterflies, insects and colorful flowers with my new macro lens. But time sometimes leads us down new paths towards new directions and different dimensions. As time passes I began to question myself: “Is macro photography only about butterflies, insects and flowers?” And this question at the back of my mind motivated me to utilize the macro lens in a different way than I had been doing.

Here, I have a few shots to share with you where I tried a different form of Macro Photography. Any feedback and constructive criticism will be highly appreciated.


Bokeh of Tihar Lights
Color Pencils & Eraser
Water Drop on a Plastic
Water Drops on a Plastic
Lines of Leaf
Pearls of Gems Chocolate
Textures in Bubble type of a Little Rubber Bag
Grains of Peas
Rice Grains mixed with Tika offered to God
Stones of a Necklace
Rainbow on a DVD Disk
Water Droplets on a Soft Drink Bottle

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18 Responses

  1. sangesh

    Macro Photography is amazing, i relaly need to own a macro lens to explore the it………. nice to see and know that macro are not just inscet and flowers

    • Samir Pradhananga

      Yes Sangesh, Macro Photography is one of the mostly liked genres in photography by the viewers. But most of us don’t do it because it needs a special & different lens. I definitely urge you to have a Macro Lens ASAP. What I love in Macro photography is that we can capture whatever we see from our home to outside. Another major advantage of owning macro lens is, it works as a Fixed/ Prime Portrait or even a Fixed Tele Lens.

  2. narendra bajracharya

    really uncommon & great views of common things, hats offf pasa.

  3. Palikhe Sandesh

    Definitely you have tried to come out from the so called “Traditional Macro Photography”, double thumbs up for your deed, keep it up.

  4. Sunny Thapa

    Samir brother u have always surprised me with your perspective….i guess not only me but others too.. great macros.. all these days i had being using macro lens for insects and flowers but you have opened my horse vision…

    • Samir Pradhananga

      ThanQ Sunny for the melo words. Actually it’s a try & the optimum utilization of our kits. This is what I say Breaking the Law 😛

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