PhotoWalk 21-Feb-2015 (photos)

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This Saturday’s photowalk at Muhan Pokhari of Shivapuri National Park was a totally new kind of experience for us. Within a very small part of the national park forest we found numerous different types of subjects like birds, water stream, hiking trails and of course the forest itself. Here is my personal favorite photo from the trip:

Plumbeous Water Redstarts
Plumbeous Water Redstart male (right) trying to impress a female (left) by fanning out his red tail feathers.

See more photos from the photowalk in the following facebook albums:

1. My Photos
2. Amogha Manandhar
3. Arjun Bhadra Khanal
4. Nikki ShreSha
5. Ravi Shah
6. Roshan Pathak
7. Sagar Thapa
8. Shailesh Shrestha

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