Silhouette Photography

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      Wat Arun, ThailandWat Arun, Thailand

Silhouette is the type of Photography where an outline of a subject appears dark against a lighter background. We can say that when the subject is seen as a black shape without any details against a bright background.
I got fascinated by this type of photography and art since I was in primary school when we used to get exercise books with cover printed with silhouette of temples.

Here are some of silhouettes that I have taken.

rot fai-6779

Life is Beautiful


silhouette angokar

Wat Angkor, Combodia



My Mood



Kalmochan, Tripureshwore


Flying High


Watching the sun going down

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  1. Pranishan Rajbhandari

    beautiful shots and pic with title Flying High and Wat Arun, Thailand are favourite shot to me

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